NanoLab is a program with a simple interface that anyone can understand. All you need is your hands and eyes, and a little bit of technology.
NanoLab is the tool to visualize chemistry experiments. Atoms behave the same way they do in real world.
The program can be used to learn the very basics studied at elementary school all the way to advanced molecular modeling conducted at research labs.
NanoLab Project is edutainment program for molecular construction. It is an interactive kit that uses VR/AR technology to provide direct interaction between users and objects in virtual NanoWorld to build complex molecules.
In school, many children consider chemistry as difficult and boring. Fortunately, all the complex substances and reactions can be described via simple patterns. Usually, even hard Chemistry Olympiad exams can be solved by applying general information obtained from high school textbook. All you need is skill to use it properly. The complexity of entire molecular world can be understood already in elementary school. Easily and while just playing. Help your kids become future NanoEngineers.
Experience Virtual Reality using Oculus Rift and Leap Motion Control
Knowledge arms race
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NanoLab Interactive Kit gives practical skills to form functional and structural knowledge in Chemistry. It helps teachers to explain the field easier and better, and students to learn it faster and deeper; and go from boring theory to spectacular experiments.
Magic of NanoLab is available for everyone. Dive in today.
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